Debt Collection

We are on the legal panels of most of the major banks in Botswana. We are often asked to advise on lending contracts and bonds. In that regard, we assist our clients with debt collection in the unfortunate situation where borrowers are unable to service their debts and as a last resort, we follow up debtors, via demand letters and personal contact for a quicker resolution.

We assist clients in drafting of the necessary payment arrangement, debt restructuring and acknowledgement of debt agreements.

We take pride in our collection department which is effective and efficient and where there is need on our speedy obtaining of judgments and court orders. We assist clients in small to large debt collection including foreclosures and repossession of secured property.

At all points, client is given feedback on progress of the matter. There is continued contact with client via the regular updates and monthly status reports. Borrowers/Debtors are closely monitored and the firm woks with reputable deputy sheriffs to ensure that the client’s interests are secured. In this harsh economic climate, we know that time is money and every thebe counts.