Notable Work

Some of our notable work includes;

  1. Advised client, a leading insurance company in Botswana on the introduction of a pre-paid card system with a local bank, Bank ABC. Concluded agreement with merchant bank and attended to the registration of the trade mark for the unique bank card programme.

  2. Transaction advisor for a target company in a share purchase agreement for the purchase of shares in a Steel Plant requiring regulatory approval of the competition authority.

  3. Successfully litigated against a class action brought by over 40 agents of a Life Insurance company. Matter concluded with financial implication to client, which claim had a potential loss to client of estimated BWP 4m

  4. Reviewed the layman’s draft of the new Retirement Funds Act Regulations for NBFIRA (Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority) before submission to the Attorney General for finalisation.

  5. Reviewed the draft Micro Leading regulations and conducted a workshop to the staff at NBFIRA.

  6. Reviewed various dept instruments and corporate finance agreements of over BWP 1 billion in total for a fund manager. Attended to major amendments and addendums to agreements in one of the corporate finance transactions.

  7. Opened and registered sectional title properties for clients and appointment legal attorneys for a multi storey mixed use development in the CBD that is now complete and occupied.

  8. Advisors in a litigation matter to the South African advertising and marketing company that staged the opening and closing of ceremonies of the African Youth games hosted in Gaborone in 2014.

  9. Successfully litigated on behalf of NBFIRA with regards to its regulatory enforcement.